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Drug Arts One of the best groups to come out of the mid-west in recent years, I'm always excited to hear when they have a new album or side-project coming out. Favorite track: Lillerne Dream Club.
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BBDDM's first proper release since 2010's Skeletor and Me LP. Recorded in various locations and situations around the United States. Thirty minutes of beautifully melted and recontextualized pop music. Light, hypnotic rhythms drag themselves through dense drones, vocal harmonies, and lush guitar layers. The patented controlled chaos of BBDDM is slightly subdued and condensed into three serene and moving tracks, which culminate in the fifteen minute "Dipped Plates", which is easily one of the best pieces of music I've heard from this band. The fourth BBDDM release on Lillerne and my new favorite. - Lillerne Tapes

“Little George” begins with a stab of indiscernible noise, which quickly fades into a bed of heavenly-light-through-rain-clouds-style ambiance and chanting. It’s ritualistic. I expect to hear this from rows of hooded monks, not a few Midwest dudes thrashing on guitars and keyboards run through mountains of pedals. What amazes me is how appropriate this one can feel billowing out from behind an altar in some chapel, while still managing to fit the setting of a poorly lit, concrete floor basement.- Tiny Mix Tapes

BBDDM have always had a tendency towards the combination of the electronic glitch and a very heated drone, and on this sample track "Little George" we arrive at our destination intact. There is wildness and unpredictability in the vocal wails and precision in the clicking machine snaps, but what was build on the circuit board ends in the windswept desert, and as the percussive elements fade out we see that we have been left by the side of the road, where BBDDM often make their home.-Impose Magazine


released May 19, 2012

Made by: Drew M. Gibson, Oscar Allen Guinn IV, Luke Namee

Mastered by Yeshua Thomas



all rights reserved


Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk

born in the belly of a whale, discovered by the kool-aid man.

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